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She always wanted him to fall at her feet. She didn’t want it to be in a pool of blood.

Ariadne Green is a young woman living a simple life. She waits tables at her family’s restaurant, Ariadne’s Kitchen. She pals around with the regulars. She has an apartment over the restaurant. She casts spells and brews potions with her mother on the weekend. She’s been studying magic since she could walk, and knows not to share that knowledge with outsiders. And she’s been in love with Ben Bern as long as she can remember.

She doesn’t know that her mother has been keeping something from her. A whole world of something that’s about to come crashing down into her lap.

Ben Bern is a Rochester beat cop. He’s also got a bear inside him. He’s had his protective eye on Ariadne since they were kids, but when he first shifted, it made him think twice about letting her in. He’s about to get into trouble that he can’t handle alone.

When he lets Ariadne save his life, he draws her into exactly what he was trying to protect her from. And when the healing spell goes awry, they find themselves bound together in a way that could endanger them both.

Ariadne’s about to learn what her mother never wanted to teach her. Will she survive the lesson? Will she finally break down Ben’s resolution never to bring her into his life? Will her mother completely blow her top when she finds out what’s been going on in her absence?

Rochester may never be the same.

Ariadne’s Kitchen is the first book in the Ariadne’s Kitchen series and features reckless shapeshifting, wild magic, a very protective bear, and hot, sticky messes. Each novel is full-length, standalone, and has an HEA!

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About Zoe

Zoe Allyn is a writer and stay-at-home mother to one very feisty preschooler. She loves fine dining, craft cocktails, nights with her husband, cuddling with her daughter, board games, roleplaying games, video games, and writing naughty stories.

Zoe got her start writing smutty fanfiction, and is working her way towards her own worlds. It’s been a fun journey for her, one she dives into every chance she gets. Her family is supporting her endeavors completely. (It was a very romance Christmas this year!)

Urban fantasy, and fantasy in general, has been a fascination since her uncle gave her The Chronicles of Narnia when she was 8. In college, she discovered Someplace to be Flying by Charles de Lint, and a love of magic in modern settings was kindled. Paranormal romance was a new discovery, and it’s the perfect union of her love of urban fantasy and her love of smutty romance. It’s taken her a while to find the courage to try and build her own world to put forth to the viewing public, but now’s the time, and Ariadne’s Kitchen is the place.

Here comes the magic.

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