Let’s get real for a second

OK, folks. I’m gonna be straight with you.

This novel is a bastard.

Seriously. I wrote Ariadne’s Kitchen in a month, and I thought that’s how my writing would go. Easy peasy, just flowing like a fountain from my fingers to the screen.

I forgot that life sometimes happens. It happens in big ways and little ways, and sometimes it poops all over your hopes and dreams. I’ve had a lot of that the past couple of months. I spent a solid month dealing with severe migraines, one of which lasted for fifteen days and put me in the hospital. I’ve mentioned my struggles with mental illness on here before. I had a nasty round of depression last week. That took me out of the game. My daughter has a couple of serious issues that we’ve been doing the rounds of doctors and treatment. That makes it hard to write.

I know it’s been excuses down the line here. So I’m writing an apology when I get stuck on the novel. Because I need a success, and this novel is fighting me tooth and nail.

So, as far as the novel goes, I don’t know when it’s going to be finished. I keep giving myself deadlines, and I keep choking on them. I’m hoping it’ll be done soon, but I can’t keep making promises and breaking them. It’s unfair to you and it’s stifling me.

Hopefully sooner, I’ll get my side project done. Ariadne’s Honeymoon. It’s not going to be long, and it’s going to be light and fluffy and merengue-like. Oh sure, there’s going to be mayhem, but it’s going to be a lot less intense than Caged Animals.

TL:DR I’m not gonna make that deadline, life is a pain in the butt, short story coming soon, novel later.

Lots of love,


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