Seriously, body, WTF.

So, my body is trying to secede from the union.

Seriously. I had a ten-day-long migraine. Ten days. Non-stop. Guess how much writing got done during that. Answer: Not a heck of a lot.

Migraine ended last Thursday. Immediately segued into a stunning chest cold with a side of permanently dizzy. Turns out I have a lot of fluid on my ears, and it’s giving me the spins. Not the fun spins. The make-it-stop-please ones.

I did get some writing done today. I finally found Morri’s voice. I spent the afternoon rewriting the same paragraph over and over again, but that paragraph is awesome, and I hope to write another one tomorrow. *headdesk*

I swear, this novel will get written. If I have to claw it out of my brain with my fingers.


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