Round Two!

Started Book Two of the Ariadne’s Kitchen series yesterday! It’s as rough as it comes, but it’s words on the screen, and I’m excited to get them there.

Cuz I love you guys because you read my social media, here’s the first draft of the blurb for the book!


Raven-haired beauty Morri Bennetti is no stranger to the scene of a crime. No matter how gory. As a crime scene investigator, she never flinches or holds back in the midst of an investigation. Nothing rattles her. Whether collecting evidence in the field or purging the gory aftermath of a battle with the Lacuna, Morri’s got the sharpest eye for detail. So when the youngest member of the Rochester wolf pack goes missing, she’s there to uncover the clues.

The only problem? Tate Tunstall.

Tall, tempting wolf-shifter Tate is a star in the Rochester Police Department and the wolf pack, and he knows it. His arrest record and his battle prowess have earned him glory in the Rochester Family, and a bit of an attitude toward the other shifters besides. When his pack omega Randy goes missing, he’s the first wolf on the scene looking for him.

When Tate’s arrogance gets Morri captured by Lacuna cultists, his pride leads him to try to rescue her alone. Can he save Morri and Randy? Will the raven-haired crow-shifter prove more tempting than he previously thought? Can he earn back her trust? Or will he get them all killed?

Caged Animals is the second book in the Ariadne’s Kitchen series and features reckless shapeshifting, sticky messes in dangerous places, and an alpha determined to get what he wants. Each novel is full-length, standalone, and has a HEA!


On an amusing note, my husband just sent me a news article. It seems that the real-world site of my new novel, the 20-year-abandoned Terrence Building in Rochester that was perfect for all sorts of arcane ne’er-do-well-ing, JUST got bought and is about to be developed into apartments and a hotel! AAAAAAAUGH!!! Ah well. I’m not about to let reality get in the way of a good story. Bad things are gonna happen in that building, come hell or high water.


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