I say “News” because there is good and bad to be had.

The Good: I will be launching both a prologue novella (Ariadne) and MY FIRST NOVEL, Ariadne’s Kitchen, within the next week. *happy flail* ALSO, I am finishing up a special novella for newsletter subscribers only. So if you want the goodies, get on there!

The Bad: I can’t give you the firm date I wanted to give, because of a massive windstorm that took out power to 25% of my county yesterday, including my home. I am typing this from my iPad in my mom’s sewing room. As there are places in the county still in a state of emergency, my 24-house block with its downed power lines will be sitting in the dark and cold for a while. So, my family is putting us up for the duration.

The novel and novella are being held hostage on my computer at home. Note to self: remote backups, always. I’m hoping to liberate my computer tonight so I can stay on track for a Monday release, but I can’t make any promises.

Love to all!


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